Decluttering takes time and effort: This start-up company does it for you! – Humble Sustainability

A lot of products and services were introduced to us by marketing. Many nations around the world already focused on the unique selling proposition that their products can offer. The consumer behavior of Americans, Europeans, and Asians has become international standards nowadays in terms of its buying habits and lifestyle. On the other hand, theContinue reading “Decluttering takes time and effort: This start-up company does it for you! – Humble Sustainability”

Plant trees with your phone using Gcash Forest – Low Impact Filipina

Although the Philippines is a biodiversity hub, it is also one of the country’s most vulnerable to climate change impacts. In fact, carbon emissions increased twice as much since 1990. Forest cover remains is only 22% compared to the ideal 54%. Also, watersheds lost half of forest cover resulting to water crisis. This is allContinue reading “Plant trees with your phone using Gcash Forest – Low Impact Filipina”

Common Grounds: A holiday pop-up that helps our Bantay Gubat. Here’s how you can too!

Let’s talk about where 98% of water in Metro Manila come from: The Ipo watershed. Primarily consisting of public forestlands, forest cover has dramatically dropped from 85% to just 40% in recent years. The entire watershed is a protected area by virtue of several proclamations including the granting of a Certificate of Ancestral Domain TitleContinue reading “Common Grounds: A holiday pop-up that helps our Bantay Gubat. Here’s how you can too!”

Low Impact Hairties?

Hair ties are easy to find… and also easy to lose. People have been losing hair ties daily and most of them just end up as trash polluting our environment. Hair ties themselves are not eco-friendly as they are made out of the mixture of synthetic and non recyclable materials. Here are the small actionsContinue reading “Low Impact Hairties?”

Is your bamboo toothbrush 100% eco-friendly?

What is a Bamboo Toothbrush? Bamboo toothbrushes are similar to any other manual toothbrush you would find on the grocery stores. They have a handle and bristles to remove food bits and plaque from your teeth. The key difference between bamboo toothbrushes and plastic toothbrushes is the material used to make the handle. Bamboo plants,Continue reading “Is your bamboo toothbrush 100% eco-friendly?”

Silicone Vs. Plastic? – Low Impact Filipina

When I started living sustainably in 2017, most of the alternatives to plastic that I encountered were either made of wood or metal. Silicone was out of the picture back then. In fact, silicone sent a negative message to me as I was always watching ‘implants fail’ before and the word silicone was always mentioned.Continue reading “Silicone Vs. Plastic? – Low Impact Filipina”

From Zero Waste to Low Impact

If you use the #zerowaste on Instagram, your post will surely be part of 2.7 million photos displayed on grid while if you use the localized version which is #zerowasteph, you’ll see 23,000 posts about it. This is a proof that the zero-waste movement truly gained traction in the past few years. I was onceContinue reading “From Zero Waste to Low Impact”