A guide to Plastic Free July

Plastic-free July is a global annual challenge where people give up the use of plastic for one whole month. The goal is to raise awareness about the effects of unconscious consumption of plastic and plastic pollution.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, go to Plastic Free July’s website and sign up.

As we all know, challenges can be really overwhelming so I made a guide on how you can kickstart this month plastic-free.

1. Identify your plastic trash source.

Been there, done that! I started giving up plastic straw and buying a metal straw first. While this is a good start, straws are not really an everyday essential for me as I can go without one. This is where identifying your trash source comes in. Through identifying your trash source, it will be easier for you to find a plastic-free swap that you can use on a daily basis. Low purchase, low waste.

2. Choose what works for you.

Can you do a monthly challenge or is it too overwhelming for you? Then, go for a week of July plastic-free. Do you prefer eliminating all the plastic in your life or just the ones that make your bin overflow? Choose something that works according to your budget, your time, and your preference. As long as you won’t feel overwhelmed and withdraw from the plastic-free life soon, go for it. I got you!

3. Plan.

Plastic-free life requires a lot of planning. This can be a little overwhelming in the beginning but it will pay you off at the end as it will be part of your habit. Remember to forgive yourself whenever you forget to bring your reusables. This is not your fault. It’s part of the system that we live in. Do your best, that’s what matter the most.

4. Live it!

Once you get used to living life without plastic, you will not turn back, trust me. It will be part of your habit, and your system. It will not be an easy task in the beginning but if you keep going, the planet Earth and the future will thank you.


Remember to not become too hard to yourself. I make trash. We all make plastic trash. This situation only shows how plastic has become pervasive, unavoidable and already part of our system. What we can do is to reduce them and consciously and only purchase things that we need. We cannot let it to be this way for the next years. If you have a trash fail, forgive yourself or post it online and tag @lowimpactfilipina so we can all cheer you up to not give up. We are all here along side with you.

Published by Angel Mata

Angel is a teacher based in Laguna, Philippines. She is advocating for reducing one's environmental impact through waste reduction, vegetarianism, and second hand purchase.

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