The Low Impact Living

The Low Impact Filipina started from a coffee chat in 2017 by a Filipina teacher named Angel. It started out of curiousity of how paper cups were being recycled.
It brought her to the idea of using ceramic mug instead  when she found out that they cannot be recycled or composted. The process of separating the plastic lining inside and the paper itself is already complicated. It also opened her eyes to the global problem of plastic pollution.
Angel tried to find some Filipino inspirations but she only got less than 60 posts through |#zerowasteph on Instagram. Most of them are from local businesses. She decided to become one and narrate her journey to a zero waste lifestyle. Zero Waste Filipina was born. She was practicing the zero waste principles in 2018 but still created 1, 500 grams of plastic trash at the end of the year.
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She read a lot of research papers and resource pages and found out that Zero Waste is an industrial model which we cannot achieve as of now though it shouldn’t stop us from doing our best.
In 2019, she launched the new face of Zero Waste Filipina which is now called The Low Impact Filipina. LIF believes that in order for us to lower our waste, we should first lower our purchase. From there, we can create a positive environmental impact to the world.
 According to Angel, despite being constantly bombarded by ads and media pushing us the next product we need to buy, we can create a positive environmental impact by being mindful of the things that we buy.
Join us as we discuss and share to you how living low impact creates a positive change both in our lives and the environment.

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